Friday, October 30, 2009

Sky watch Friday

I took this photo yesterday while driving through the polder in Zeeland on the island of Tholen with a view over the Oosterschelde. It was a hazy day and my eyes could not distinguish the line between water and sky. There was no wind and the water was calm like a mirror. But the photo shows it perfectly by reflecting the clouds in the water. I love that light because it is not foggy and it is not bright. It belongs to this time of year where nature is retiring and getting ready for winter.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A new blog.

To keep both my hobbies seperated I decided to start a new blog for my photo's. I have discovered several wonderful blogs wich offer the possibility to sign in and post special pictures on fixed days. I like the idea. Last week I joined SkyWatch Friday and enjoyed the many visitors to my blog and visiting all the other blogs. I'll have a look around the different blogs and intend to join more of those blogs.

I found a blog called Watery Wednesday. I like that idea as well. The elements 'Sky' and 'Water' are among my favorite objects. And because it is Wednesday I might as well start immediately!

Though our country has absolutely no lack of water the first photo I post I made in Bouillon, Belgium, last summer. I am not staying at home for a couple of weeks and I only have my laptop with me. Most pictures are stored at home. Hope you don't mind and enjoy the calm stream.

I need to dress this new blog and make it personal yet. It will come as soon as I have time.