Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My World Tuesday

I am afraid I can't show you exciting pictures today. I wanted to but the weather got in my way. This week end untill today midnight it is carnival here in the southern part of the Netherlands. Today there was a parade in my birthplace and my intention was to take some colourful and merry pictures. But it snowed like it had been snowing for the last 6 days and I really didn't feel like standing in the cold for hours and with my feet in about 4 inches of snow. We live here in a traditionally catholic region and the history of carnival goes way back to the middle ages. Of course it is celebrated much differently now than it was then. Though we don't take part in the celebrations any more it still is fun to watch and enjoy the dressed up people and their music in the parades. But we stayed at home which was a good decision for the snow just would not stop.

This is what we saw in our street, no parade but a snow shovel

I can't remember ever having so much snow in our country!

Friday, February 5, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

From our home we can never see a great sunset. Too many houses and roofs around us. A few days ago I tried to catch a sunset from the parking deck in a shopping mall. Not spectaculair but at least I had some pictures.

And I got a bonus too.