Monday, January 18, 2010

My World Tuesday

About two years ago I visited Iceland with a friend. Or actually it was the capital Reykjavik that we visited. From there we made a few nice sight seeing trips. In the next couple of postings I'll show some pictures I took during our trip to Iceland.

The Hallgrims church, build over several decades from 1945 to 1988. It is a massive building and I just couldn't get the whole church in front of my camera ;-) The church doubles as a concert hall.

It's tower is about 75 m. high, the highest building in Iceland and visible almost anywhere in the city

By the way: did you notice the wonderful skies?

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J Bar said...

That's an interesting design for the church. Quite unique.
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Babooshka said...

The street is so clean and that church is an amazing structure.

Sylvia K said...

Wow! What a stunning church, different and very lovely! I was thinking the same thing about the street -- so wonderfully clean! Have a great week!


Janie said...

Beautiful photos of the church architecture! Interesting that it is visible from so many angles.

Riet said...

Wat een prachtige reis zal dat geweest zijn. Mooie foto's van het landschap en de kerk is schitterend.

Guðrún said...

The church is not old, they began building it 1945, my mother lived near the place and she told me she remembered when they began, she was 7 yrs old then.

JOE TODD said...

Is a neat church. Did a little reading about it inside there is a 25 ton organ that was installled 1992.. Lot of other interesting facts. Without your blog post I wouldn't have had a clue the church even existed.. Thanks

Princess of CJ said...

I like the last photo. seems like a rocket launching.
someday, i want to go to iceland. look very neat.

Eden said...

what a lovely place! and the church is beautiful. I love its architectural design.

Wolynski said...

Half pyramid, half church - wonderful building and most unusual. Lovely photos.

Lawstude said...

really amazing structure and you captured it really well. thanks for sharing.

Gena @ Thinking Aloud said...

Hello there!
fascinating architecture!! I love the "cascading effect" which they seem to have repeated inside too!
thanks for stopping by my blog!
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